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A day in the life of Springfield House.

Residents wake up when they please and get ready for breakfast to be served either in their room or in the dining room. They have as much help as they need for this, but we are always encouraging residents to do as much as they can for themselves.

Breakfast is served from 8am to 10am and is cooked to order. If a resident requests food that we do not have in stock,then we purchase it within a couple of days for them to enjoy.

Coffee and biscuits are at 10.30am with a tot of brandy or whisky if liked. This is usually followed by a game for the residents in the lounges. Some residents stay in their rooms for the morning, watching TV or reading the paper.

At 12.30 we have lunch. We are proud that we have been awarded 5 stars in the Leeds Council food hygiene scheme. Our lunches are traditional home cooked food, juice to start,choice of main course, or soup and a sandwich,or a salad, jacket potato, or similar, and a choice of desserts. Most residents eat lunch in the dining room as it is a social occasion, with members of staff eating with the residents.



After lunch a little snooze is often the case, followed by the activity of the day. This could be card games, a quiz, beauty therapy, bingo, going for a walk (maybe in a wheelchair), sitting out on the sun patio chatting and getting a tan. We have trips out shopping or for meals, and sometimes have a weekend away. Residents choose whether or not to take part in activities, and always have the option of being in their rooms.


There is a cup of tea at 3.30pm, and there is sometimes a glass of sherry, Bailey's, or port and lemon to make the activities go with a swing. Tea time is 5pm and there is a hot choice or choice of sandwiches, with cakes and puddings.

In the evening people watch TV and prepare for bed. There is a snack and hot drink at 8.30pm. Those who wish to stay up may have a glass of Baileys or some juice and gather to set the world to rights and have a giggle.


Residents go to bed when they want to, having the help that they need. There are two night staff on all night to answer bell calls and offer assistance to residents, such as a midnight cup of Horlicks, or a chat at 3am, or help to visit the toilet.